It’s only been four months that the GuideWriters went online, but the idea itself goes way back. 13 years to be exact. Andreas, one of the founders, has been all over the place travelling through Europe, Asia andAfricaever since he was a student.  The latter, he and his friends visited travelling mainly by car or motorcycle. As his mechanic and his paramedic skills weren’t really of much use, the only job available in his traveller-clique was copying numbers.

Hence, he took over the tour planning and copied literally hundreds of numbers from travel guides, into the computer and then into the GPS unit. Fortunately, Reise Know-How, as one of the very first publishers, already provided GPS coordinates in all their description of places. As you can imagine, even though still laborious, at least one came up with a reliable result.

Using existing GPS files out of various online forums would have been much faster, but it always left you with a queasy stomach feeling. Honestly – who wants to stand in the middle of theSahara, and discover only then that the coordinates are incomplete or incorrect…omg!

Today, 13 years later and thanks to some technical inventions, Andreas doesn’t have to sit around copying numbers anymore but he can devote himself to other tasks. Like explaining to publishers that there is now a much easier way to digitalise available content for smart phones – including GPS data, for example. And of course – how to monetise it via an in-app purchase. We are therefore very happy not only for Andreas but also for you,  that Reise Know-How now offers a digital version of their guides: Because with this CityTrip travel series you will get high-quality city guides as an ideal supplement to the book. So get your suitcases packed and have a lovely holiday!