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Archives for the month of: April, 2012

How do digital inventions change reality? How will we discover cities in the future? These central questions ­ and of course a lot more were asked today by a group of master students from the Goethe-University in Frankfurt. During their course “Geographies of globalisation” the students deal with the development and promotion of the creative industry of Frankfurt. Therefore, they came to visit us in our office in the Frankfurter Bahnhofsviertel. The most interesting thing for us was to experience how our idea of Guidewriting was reflected by our audience which, with an average age of 25, really can be called Digital Natives. For them, it´s just natural to share places and things they like with their friends, mostly via social media. So the idea of guides which lead to places that are not merely places of interest but which help you to discover a city exactly the way you want it seems like a logical consequence to most of them. Many of the students also showed great interest in the technical specifications and wanted to learn more about the app and how to create a guide.

Of course we hope that we managed to inspire our visitors to become so called local heroes themselves and share their favourite places with us!

Wanna go vegetarian?

Life’s a journey and there are as many destinations as there are people out there. Once in a while we’re gonna talk to one of our guides on what they’re up to and what’s driving them.

Today on our list is Nadine Vicente Schaadt who’s currently working on a vegetarian guide in Frankfurt which is almost done. She’s a PR-Pro and discovered GuideWriters when working for the agency which is doing our Corporate Design.

Her guide will be available on the 5th of May 2012, downloadable as in-app purchase at the price of 0,79 EUR on our GuideWriters App.

GuideWriters: So Nadine, you’re writing a new Veggie Guide for Frankfurt – you’re obviously a vegetarian?

Nadine: Yes, I am “one of them”. I stopped eating meat at the age of twelve when I read a poem of Heinz Erhardt (a German comedian) called “The calf”.  It really appelled to me and I was curious to see how long I could stand without meat or fish. In the beginning it was kind of hard – but by now its just part of me.

GuideWriters: Is it easy to eat meat-free?

Nadine: When I stopped eating meat and fish it was quite hard to eat vegetarian AND nice. Most of the times you had to be satisfied with a salad or a combination of sidedishes.  Today it is easier – especially when you know where to go. If I travel for example, I always check out the vegetarian restaurants upfront.

GuideWriters: Is Frankfurt a veggie-friendly city?

Nadine: At a first glance it isn’t. The amount of strictly vegetarian or even vegan restaurants, shops or places is really limited. But there are a lot of lovely places where Veggies get what they are looking for.

GuideWriters: Why did you decide to create a mobile guide for your special interest?

Nadine: I’m a vegetarian but I am definitely not missionary. I don’t like closed communities as “the vegetarians” are seen sometimes. I want to open up vegetarian lifestyle and make it easily accessible for everyone. That is the reason why I wrote the Veggie Guide Frankfurt – so Veggies and Non-Veggies can easily find nice places to eat, shop etc.

GuideWriters: Was it difficult for you to write a guide?

Nadine: Well, it does take some time of course. Not to understand, because the system is really easy to handle but it’s more the collecting of all details you need to have, inventing categories e.g. But it’s fun to see it growing bigger and bigger. The good thing is you can always add or change things afterwards – to make sure your guide is always updated.

Sure, guides are designed to bring you sound and safe to your specific point of interest. But hey – aren’t the best journeys the ones where you end up somewhere else than you originally planned? In that sense creating a guide is a fantastic journey, too. While making a guide you will learn tons of new things about the places you want to guide people to (though sometimes this quest might feel a bit overwhelming). But you’ll manage! Along the way you’ll also find that you get to know many new people and that you will be known to many new people as well! That in itself is a terrific destination; at least that’s what we found.

So let’s get lost in a new project …

We’re about to start with a new guide on the Frankfurter Bahnhofsviertel (the area of the main station in Frankfurt) – using of course our tool to get it published on mobile device (German).