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Archives for the month of: January, 2013

From time to time, we interview our Guide Writers to get a look behind their guides and ideas. Today it’s Paul’s turn, who published an Illuminati guide these days.

Hey Paul. What was your motivation for your guide?

It is always interesting to look behind the making of a movie. The movie Illuminati came on TV lately and it fascinated me. I traveled to Rome were the film was set, because a city tour always becomes something special if you can follow the trace of a well-known story.

Why did you choose GuideWriters for writing your guide?

I searched the web for web sites where you can write your own guide. But in all of them – I tried Inzumi and Stay – you can only collect the specific sightseeing spots of a city. You can’t really write your own guide. Then I found GuideWriters where there is also space for unusual topics. And there is an other great advantage when you use the GuideWriters App for iOS and Android: you can create tours, which will appear on the map. This way, you can just follow the drawn way on the plan to reach your destination. Your position is constantly shown on the map trough GPS. So, you can literally write your own city tour!

But isn’t it much more work doing it this way ?

Not at all. The GuideWriters web site is very intuitive. In the end, you have full control over what you write. And when it’s done it’s a great feeling to have created something of your own.

It was only more work because I realized that I had to write much more than I thought in the beginning. I also had to research the historical background of all places from scratch. Luckily my friend Ben came to my assistance. But I didn’t have to give him my account to do so. With the co-author feature several writers can work on one guide.

So, will you come back and write more guides ?

Of course. There are still so many great movies left (laughs).
No, for real. The next project is already in planing.

Last but not Least: What is your insider tip for every Rome visitor?

Besides taking the Illuminati Guide with them? When they want to visit the Musei Vaticani with the Sistine Chapel in it, they should buy a ticket in advance via Internet. That saves tons of time which you really need to see the multitude of art objects shown there.


Since 2 weeks there is a new face between the members of the Guidewriters. ME. The new intern.

Right after I finished school this year, I wanted to study “Digital Media” at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt/ Dieburg. But unfortunately my application was declined because I had not previously completed a pre-internship as requested. So I decided to search for an internship immediately, and begun to apply for several traineeships. But once again, I had to learn from live: interns aren’t as required as I thought. You have to wait and wait for any answer.

But, after slight urges of my family, and months that floated away, I wasn’t willing to wait any longer. So Plan B was following: I projected one year to spend with Work and Travel in Canada. I already had finished my researches of everything you need for a journey across the big pond, when out of nothing, as if by a miracle – or Ok, more realistic – with the help of my mothers’ contact making, I was offered this awesome internship with Guidewriters, which turned out to be a great place to be from the very first moment.

And what could be better than crossing over from preparing a big journey to working in a company which actually offers digital Travel-Guides, a company where you can write your own Guides and on top of it all everyone is totally nice? Right, almost nothing!
Right now I am working on my own Frankfurt Airport Guide, but I am also fully integrated into the working flow of the Guidewriters. And it’s non-stop fun and very interesting. What’s more, I am really sure that after this experience my application at the college next year will be a success.

Now, I am here since just 2 weeks, but I already fear the last day of this internship.