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Neue Guides: Ihr findet den beliebten Reiseführer des Kunth Verlages ab sofort in unserem Guide-Store. Angeboten wird Florenz, Hamburg, Mallorca, Wien, Dresden, Berlin, New York und London.

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Die iNGUIDEs sind modern und der Inhalt kommt der Nutzung auf dem Smartphone entgegen. Einzelne Touren und viele viele Fotos machen die Guides so besonders. Die schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten einer Stadt individuell zusammenstellen, ein stilvolles Restaurant, ein gemütliches Café oder den interessantesten Weg durch die verschiedenen Stadtteile und Viertel finden und die originellsten Shoppingtipps aufspüren – all das und noch vieles mehr kann man in den iNGUIDEs. Über die Vorschau innerhalb unserer Apps könnt ihr euch die Guides kostenfrei einmal anschauen.

Großer Programmieraufwand, hohe Investitionskosten – bisher war es kompliziert und teuer, Smartphone-Apps zu erstellen. Doch damit ist jetzt Schluss. Pünktlich zur weltweit größten Messe für Tourismus, der  ITB Berlin, bietet wir Destinationen, Airlines, Reiseveranstaltern und Reisebüros eine innovative Lösung, ihre Informationen jetzt auch mobil, on- wie offline, zur Verfügung zu stellen.

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Unsere Apps ermöglichen es, zu unterschiedlichsten Themen „Guides“ zu erstellen und so den Leser vor Ort zu begleiten. In den Guides können Places (Sehenswürdigkeiten, Restaurants, Hotels etc.) angelegt, mittels GPS-Daten auf einer Karte dargestellt und mit Bildern, Texten und Kontaktdaten weiter beschrieben werden. Aufgrund der flexibel gestaltbaren Struktur eines Guides können neben den Places auch redaktionelle Inhalte bereitgestellt werden.

Ob Reisetipps zu einem Zielgebiet, besondere Angebote und Empfehlungen oder Unternehmenspräsentationen – wir bieten Reiseunternehmen die ideale Möglichkeit, sich auf Smartphones und Tablets zu präsentieren. „Anstatt Apps selbst zu entwickeln und Programmierer fürs Bugfixing zu bezahlen, sind unsere App-Angebote eine einfache und kostengünstige Lösung, die eigenen Produkte und Services in den mobilen Markt zu bringen.

Je nach gewünschtem Volumen und Leistungen stehen Ihnen verschiedene Angebote zur Verfügung. „Im wachsenden Markt von Mobile Publishing wird es auch für die Touristikbranche immer wichtiger, den Kunden ihre Informationen jederzeit und überall zur Verfügung zu stellen. Mit unseren Apps bieten wir eine technisch erprobte Lösung sowohl für Android als auch für iOS.

Von Mittwoch 06.03. – Freitag 08.03. sind wir auf der ITB, der weltweit größten Messe rund um das Thema Reisen und Touristik. Willst Du uns kennenlernen, dann besuche uns.

From time to time, we interview our Guide Writers to get a look behind their guides and ideas. Today it’s Paul’s turn, who published an Illuminati guide these days.

Hey Paul. What was your motivation for your guide?

It is always interesting to look behind the making of a movie. The movie Illuminati came on TV lately and it fascinated me. I traveled to Rome were the film was set, because a city tour always becomes something special if you can follow the trace of a well-known story.

Why did you choose GuideWriters for writing your guide?

I searched the web for web sites where you can write your own guide. But in all of them – I tried Inzumi and Stay – you can only collect the specific sightseeing spots of a city. You can’t really write your own guide. Then I found GuideWriters where there is also space for unusual topics. And there is an other great advantage when you use the GuideWriters App for iOS and Android: you can create tours, which will appear on the map. This way, you can just follow the drawn way on the plan to reach your destination. Your position is constantly shown on the map trough GPS. So, you can literally write your own city tour!

But isn’t it much more work doing it this way ?

Not at all. The GuideWriters web site is very intuitive. In the end, you have full control over what you write. And when it’s done it’s a great feeling to have created something of your own.

It was only more work because I realized that I had to write much more than I thought in the beginning. I also had to research the historical background of all places from scratch. Luckily my friend Ben came to my assistance. But I didn’t have to give him my account to do so. With the co-author feature several writers can work on one guide.

So, will you come back and write more guides ?

Of course. There are still so many great movies left (laughs).
No, for real. The next project is already in planing.

Last but not Least: What is your insider tip for every Rome visitor?

Besides taking the Illuminati Guide with them? When they want to visit the Musei Vaticani with the Sistine Chapel in it, they should buy a ticket in advance via Internet. That saves tons of time which you really need to see the multitude of art objects shown there.


Since 2 weeks there is a new face between the members of the Guidewriters. ME. The new intern.

Right after I finished school this year, I wanted to study “Digital Media” at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt/ Dieburg. But unfortunately my application was declined because I had not previously completed a pre-internship as requested. So I decided to search for an internship immediately, and begun to apply for several traineeships. But once again, I had to learn from live: interns aren’t as required as I thought. You have to wait and wait for any answer.

But, after slight urges of my family, and months that floated away, I wasn’t willing to wait any longer. So Plan B was following: I projected one year to spend with Work and Travel in Canada. I already had finished my researches of everything you need for a journey across the big pond, when out of nothing, as if by a miracle – or Ok, more realistic – with the help of my mothers’ contact making, I was offered this awesome internship with Guidewriters, which turned out to be a great place to be from the very first moment.

And what could be better than crossing over from preparing a big journey to working in a company which actually offers digital Travel-Guides, a company where you can write your own Guides and on top of it all everyone is totally nice? Right, almost nothing!
Right now I am working on my own Frankfurt Airport Guide, but I am also fully integrated into the working flow of the Guidewriters. And it’s non-stop fun and very interesting. What’s more, I am really sure that after this experience my application at the college next year will be a success.

Now, I am here since just 2 weeks, but I already fear the last day of this internship.

Only two days to go and the largest book fair in the world will open its doors in Frankfurt am Main once again. The most important representatives of the book industry at the same time in the same place – of course we don’t want to miss this opportunity. Because in addition to our regular customers, to whom we want to sell our guides, we especially see large and small publishers among our potential clients. So of course we will take the chance to introduce our newest product, which we have adjusted exactly to their needs: our so-called white-label solution.

As any bootstrapping start-up company we do concentrate on our sales activities and present our product to publishers on a regular basis. The feedback we get is always very positive, but we’ve been asked the same question over and over again: Can’t you provide us with our own branded app?

Yes, we can. And yes we will: With our white-label solution publishers can now rent their own app instead of paying an expensive programmer – without any risk. Thus, our clients receive a very cheap (compared to an in-house development) and already proven solution for the distribution of their content, including an easy-to-use content management system. This way, their travel and city guides are offered in their own app via an included guide store, without immediate competition of guides from other publishers. To increase the reach, the guides are published at the same time within the GuideWriters app.

We are proud to say that we already convinced our first customers of the white-label solution: The renowned Reise Know-How Verlag now possesses its own travel app with a total of 13 city guides (Frankfurt, Rome, Oslo…) and more to follow.

We are looking forward to very successful fair days and hope to see you on our stand at the Travel Gallery in hall 3.1 or one of the following lectures:

Wednesday, 10.10.2012 at 13:30-14:00 and Thursday, 11.10.2012 at 16:00-16:30 Lecture by Andreas Ebert, CEO
“A travel app must seduce you”
Thursday, 11.10.2012 12:15 – 13:15 Discussion with Andreas Ebert, CEO“How profitable is publishing content through online travel agents?”


We were asked this question quite a few times when we launched the GuideWriters app. The answer is quite simple: We had to decide at the very beginning, whether to already launch in March – with just the iPhone App, followed by an Android version in August, or to launch both versions in June/July. Being a Bootstrapped Startup, we chose the first option. This allowed us to use all our experiences from the iPhone application when developing the Android app.

In numbers this means that for the iPhone app, we needed – excluding design and concept – 627 hours of pure coding time. For the Android app, it was “only” 412 hours! The savings of approximately 200 hours of programming time is mainly due to the fact that we could leave out the user interface tests, because with a published iPhone application we already had the perfect template.

About the features and what happens next:

From now on, by using the Android app you can easily download guides (free of charge and or paid), use them offline, favour places and synchronize them via your web account. Guides that you bought on the iPhone, you can also use free of charge on the Android version by simply registering.

Do you yourself have an interesting topic yourself in mind, and want to write your first guide? For authors we now show information within the profile about downloads and sales. So, at just one glance you can see just how often your guide has already been downloaded! In the coming days we will do make a minor update with bug fixes and give the app a search function within the guides.

We look forward to your praise in the Google Play store and your feedback critics by mail to info@guidewriters.com

At the beginning of the week, we had a visit from 15 representatives of the press who wanted to know more about our newest guide:

Just in time for the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertelnacht 2012 on August 16th, the free guide for the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel will be released. Besides the complete program, it also contains almost 150 inside tips for topics as working, eating, partying, sleeping, exploring etc. Frankfurt’s most exciting quarter. The author of the guide is the creative agency VIER FÜR TEXAS* Ideenwerk GmbH in cooperation with the press and information office Frankfurt.

And this is how it works:
1. Download the GuideWriters app for free in your appstore and from August 16th on also at Google Play: www.guidewriters.com/app.
2. Search for “Bahnhofsviertel Frankfurt” in the guide store.
3. Load the guide easily for free and explore the Bahnhofsviertel on your own!

It’s only been four months that the GuideWriters went online, but the idea itself goes way back. 13 years to be exact. Andreas, one of the founders, has been all over the place travelling through Europe, Asia andAfricaever since he was a student.  The latter, he and his friends visited travelling mainly by car or motorcycle. As his mechanic and his paramedic skills weren’t really of much use, the only job available in his traveller-clique was copying numbers.

Hence, he took over the tour planning and copied literally hundreds of numbers from travel guides, into the computer and then into the GPS unit. Fortunately, Reise Know-How, as one of the very first publishers, already provided GPS coordinates in all their description of places. As you can imagine, even though still laborious, at least one came up with a reliable result.

Using existing GPS files out of various online forums would have been much faster, but it always left you with a queasy stomach feeling. Honestly – who wants to stand in the middle of theSahara, and discover only then that the coordinates are incomplete or incorrect…omg!

Today, 13 years later and thanks to some technical inventions, Andreas doesn’t have to sit around copying numbers anymore but he can devote himself to other tasks. Like explaining to publishers that there is now a much easier way to digitalise available content for smart phones – including GPS data, for example. And of course – how to monetise it via an in-app purchase. We are therefore very happy not only for Andreas but also for you,  that Reise Know-How now offers a digital version of their guides: Because with this CityTrip travel series you will get high-quality city guides as an ideal supplement to the book. So get your suitcases packed and have a lovely holiday!

Whenever we explain the GuideWriters concept, there’s always one word coming up – travel guide. It is kind of logical – as we currently do and in future always definitely will provide guides that are structured like classical travel guides. One of the USPs of GuideWriters though is the fact, that we also provide a platform for topics beyond mainstream. Specialists of any niche topic can easily create a guide, e.g. focussed on music or a certain band.

For U2 for example, Berlin is one of the most important cities in their successful career. It was almost obvious to create a guide containing all the places, where the Irish band left their traces. A word and a blow – the online platform www.u2tour.de has created a U2tour.de Travelguide Berlin. We met Björn Lampe, who at U2tour.de is responsible for web 2.0.

Who are you and what is your idea behind U2tour.de?

With U2tour.de we offer the biggest independent German speaking U2 fan website – for more than ten years already. The site provides all the information a U2 fan requires – starting with the most recent news up to a very detailed tour data base which contains information on where the band performed and for example which song they sang. In addition to that we are happy to have a very active community – a forum where fans can easily communicate with each other.

How did you and the GuideWriters come together?

I had already heard about the concept and had put it on my to-do-list. I then saw that the boys/girls of Coffe Circle – that’s where we get our coffee from – wrote their own guide and how easy it actually is to get started.

What was your motivation to create a guide?

We already started some time ago to assemble travel tips for U2 fans: places that have played a role in the long history of the band. Those tips were accumulated on a website and could be downloaded as pdf. It was ok but kind of complicated. The GuideWriters’ guides are of course way more up-to-date and more practical. Since we had already collected the content, it was easy digitalize them into a guide.

Would you have developed a regular App without the GuideWriters App?

Sooner or later I guess. But of course it would have been more expensive and it would have taken way longer.

Who will download your guide?

Real U2 fans of course, that want to follow the traces of their favourite band. There is also a trend towards thematic guided tours, so that there will be some other customers outside the community, too.

Are you going to publish more guides?

Yes, we already have the content for a Dublin U2 Guide. Once we have updated the information, we will provide the guide as a service to our users.

What should not be missed in Berlin by U2 fans?

Of course there are many spots, but especially worth mentioning are the legendary Hansa studios that before the German reunification were an important place – not only for Iggy Pop, Depeche Mode and David Bowie. U2 recorded parts of their masterpiece “Achtung Baby” here.

Also not to be missed is the Kant Kino. Located in Berlin-Charlottenburg Berlin is was the location of the first Berlin concert of U2. Next to Hamburg and Munich, it was the first time they ever performed in Germany. Today it is a nice indie cinema far away from the large Cineplexe with an exciting program.