Since 2 weeks there is a new face between the members of the Guidewriters. ME. The new intern.

Right after I finished school this year, I wanted to study “Digital Media” at the Fachhochschule Darmstadt/ Dieburg. But unfortunately my application was declined because I had not previously completed a pre-internship as requested. So I decided to search for an internship immediately, and begun to apply for several traineeships. But once again, I had to learn from live: interns aren’t as required as I thought. You have to wait and wait for any answer.

But, after slight urges of my family, and months that floated away, I wasn’t willing to wait any longer. So Plan B was following: I projected one year to spend with Work and Travel in Canada. I already had finished my researches of everything you need for a journey across the big pond, when out of nothing, as if by a miracle – or Ok, more realistic – with the help of my mothers’ contact making, I was offered this awesome internship with Guidewriters, which turned out to be a great place to be from the very first moment.

And what could be better than crossing over from preparing a big journey to working in a company which actually offers digital Travel-Guides, a company where you can write your own Guides and on top of it all everyone is totally nice? Right, almost nothing!
Right now I am working on my own Frankfurt Airport Guide, but I am also fully integrated into the working flow of the Guidewriters. And it’s non-stop fun and very interesting. What’s more, I am really sure that after this experience my application at the college next year will be a success.

Now, I am here since just 2 weeks, but I already fear the last day of this internship.