…has many starting points. Most of German start-ups choose something like this: Come up with a brilliant idea, write down a proper business plan, open up an office in Berlin, look for an investor – and get started!

That’s what we initially had in mind as well: To create a platform for mobile guides, in a city that – in our opinion – is the place with the most interesting start-ups, people and topics. In short – the place where it happens right now. Berlin – our dream destination.

The truth is, after our last project we got stuck in Frankfurt – with family, friends, apartment and everything that attaches one to a certain place. That’s why we moved in temporarily – as we thought – in the office of an agency in the Frankfurt Bahnhofsviertel called VIER FÜR TEXAS *Ideenwerk GmbH.

We don’t believe in prevision. What we do believe in is the fact that no station is in vain. That is why, we finally decided not to go the above mentioned start-up way with our new project – the GuideWriters App.

This means, that at first we didn’t go for the classic business angel or the venture capitalist initial investor but for VIER FÜR TEXAS, among other things because of their extended network.

Bootstrapping: Roll up your sleeves and go!
More important than a high initial financing for us was the possibility to start doing business right away. Roll up our sleeves and just do it. The creative advertising agency VIER FÜR TEXAS will help us, translating our tech product into reality.

Berlin or Frankfurt? We still haven’t figured that one out yet. But we’re sure, we’ll manage. After all, finding good ways is our business.