The world is full with interesting places to observe and new things to experience. When you travel the world it brings with it a chance to gain new perspectives, an opportunity to learn from a new culture and attempt to accomplish things you’ve never done before. We met someone who has dedicated his life entirely to travel the world and to share it with his readers. Mark Wiens – better known as Migration Mark on his blog He just finished his first guide on „101 things to do in Bangkok“.

Hi Mark – Who are you and what’s the idea behind

Originally I am from Phoenix, Arizona. I have always loved to travel, so I set out in 2008 and I’ve been able find a sustainable approach to living out this lifestyle. Right know I live in Bangkok. Initially I just wrote the blog for myself – in order not to forget all the wonderful things I experienced on my trips around the world. It wasn’t even meant for friends and family, more as a personal thing. But after a while it became more and more popular and now I like to share my adventures with others.

Can you live from the blog? How do you generate income?

(Laughs) I can – by living in a cheap place like Bangkok of course. I do some small advertising on the blog and I also sell an e-book, the „Eating Thai Food Guide“. Occasionally I work as a freelance writer for websites or magazines.

What was you motivation for a guide?

I liked the idea very much of having a list of interesting things to do or to see on a mobile device. It is a very useful tool to have this kind of information on your fingertips, especially when you travel.

What would you say is so special about Bangkok?

Bangkok is a city that caters every possible interest. It has for example a very unique and strong Thai culture, as it has never been colonized. It’s the over excitement of everything: fantastic food, friendly people and great shopping possibilities.

Who is going to buy your guide?

I think the guide is mainly for vacation travellers that have time to explore the great things that Bangkok has to offer. And of course expats living here as well.

Do you have any other guides in mind?

Yes, I would love to do another guide – this time a monothematic Thai Food guide. The variety of excellent food we have here is just amazing – all over Asia, actually

What’s your favourite place to eat in Bangkok? And which dish can you recommend?

Kuang Sea Foods (กวางทะเลเผา หูฉลาม) has been at the top of my list for Thai seafood for a long time now. The restaurant provides an extensive, easy-to-order menu, packing in the finest seafood dishes Thailand has to offer – at very reasonable prices. You should definitely try the steamed fish in soy sauce – it’s delicious!