We were asked this question quite a few times when we launched the GuideWriters app. The answer is quite simple: We had to decide at the very beginning, whether to already launch in March – with just the iPhone App, followed by an Android version in August, or to launch both versions in June/July. Being a Bootstrapped Startup, we chose the first option. This allowed us to use all our experiences from the iPhone application when developing the Android app.

In numbers this means that for the iPhone app, we needed – excluding design and concept – 627 hours of pure coding time. For the Android app, it was “only” 412 hours! The savings of approximately 200 hours of programming time is mainly due to the fact that we could leave out the user interface tests, because with a published iPhone application we already had the perfect template.

About the features and what happens next:

From now on, by using the Android app you can easily download guides (free of charge and or paid), use them offline, favour places and synchronize them via your web account. Guides that you bought on the iPhone, you can also use free of charge on the Android version by simply registering.

Do you yourself have an interesting topic yourself in mind, and want to write your first guide? For authors we now show information within the profile about downloads and sales. So, at just one glance you can see just how often your guide has already been downloaded! In the coming days we will do make a minor update with bug fixes and give the app a search function within the guides.

We look forward to your praise in the Google Play store and your feedback critics by mail to info@guidewriters.com